Prior Trips to Nepal

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Nepal February 2015

A group of 7 from Canada and the US went to Nepal in February, 2015: Marie, Doris, Joan, Laura, Neilann, Patti and Peter.  We were joined by Gunjan, Shiva, Timilsina, Deepa and of course Narayan.  The micronutrient study was over, but we toured the study sites and met with the community leaders.  We discussed the importance of nutrition education and encouraged their efforts to lobby the government to allow importation of vitamins.  It was a wild tour on every type of conveyance from horse to paraglider, to every corner of central Nepal from the Mustang to the Terai and with every mix of culture from rhododendron petal leis to OSU Beaver cheers.  It was grand.  Enjoy the slideshow.

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